Welcome to the Gates Millennium Scholars Mentoring Program
The GMS Leadership Programs mission is to provide a series of programs, benefits and service opportunities that seek to build the leadership abilities of Gates Scholars and Alumni through focus on educational attainment, network building, personal/professional skill building and self-awareness toward leadership in service to others.

One of the Leadership Development Programs is the GMS Mentoring Program. The goal of the GMS Mentoring program is to:

Encourage the development of caring and supportive relationships amongst Scholars and Alumni which increase leadership in action, increase service to others, academic excellence, the successful management of real-life situations and networking.

Additionally, the GMS Mentoring Program is aimed at encouraging Mentoring relationships that offer meaningful interactions in which every Gates Scholar can develop the 4 R’s:

Rigor: All Scholars need the chance to succeed in challenging coursework.

Relevance: Coursework, projects and other opportunities must spark Scholars’ interest and relate clearly to their lives in today’s rapidly changing world.

Relationships: All Scholars need seasoned Mentors who know them, look out for them and encourage them to achieve.

Responsibility: All Scholars must learn to become a positive community and global force by developing strong character, demonstrating integrity and engaging in socially responsible risk-taking.
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